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Eggplant, Tomato, and Mozzarella Salad

Serves 6
  • 6 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
  • 1 medium eggplant, cut crosswise into 1/4-inch-thick slices
  • Coarse salt and ground pepper
  • 1 pound fresh mozzarella, sliced
  • 1 pound sliced tomatoes
  • 1/4 cup loosely packed fresh basil leaves, torn
  • 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Brush two rimmed baking sheets with 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil each. Arrange eggplant slices on sheets. Brush tops with 2 tablespoons oil and season with salt and pepper. Roast until eggplant is golden and tender, about 20 minutes. Let cool to room temperature.
  2. On a serving platter, layer eggplant with sliced mozzarella and tomatoes. Top with basil leaves and drizzle with remaining 2 tablespoons oil and balsamic vinegar.

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Friday, December 4, 2009

Complimentary Craft Projects

How to make a Walnut Topiary Centerpiece
Styrofoam Cone, 9" or 12" tall
Unshelled nuts (quantity varies depending on size of cone and materials used) Assorted silk leaves
Decorative clay pot or resin pot

Low temperature glue gun and glue stick


1.Start with sturdy clay or resin pot which will be used as the base for the tree Securely place your Styrofoam or floral foam cone into the pot.  Make sure the foam is firmly placed in the container. Do not soak the foam in water
2. Following pattern in photo, or using your own design, arrange and glue nuts around the Styrofoam cone using a hot glue gun. Leaving as little space as possible between each piece. 
3. After totally covering the Styrofoam cone,  insert “fillers” in the gaps between the nuts. I used leaves from an ivy garland. Place silk leaves throughout the topiary attaching with glue gun. But dried or fresh moss would also work well.

Candy Topiary Trees

How to Make a Candy Topiary Tree

A candy topiary tree can be created using a variety of candies. They can be made for any occasion or holiday and offer a special focus as a dinner table centerpiece or a themed party decoration. They also make great gifts. Unlike flowers, they won't wither away. In fact, the best part of a candy tree topiary is that not only does it look attractive, you can eat it.

Things You'll Need:

  • Wooden dowel 
  • Styrofoam ball
  • Wrapped candies 
  • Straight pins 
  • Curling ribbon
  • Plaster of Paris
  • Decorative glass marbles or Easter grass 
  • Flower pot
  • coffee cup or other container 
  • Bowl or pot 
  • Spoon or spatula 
  • Acrylic paints (optional)
  1. Wooden dowel inserted into Styrofoam ball

    Center the end of the wooden dowel at one end of the Styrofoam ball. Push the dowel into the ball firmly. Do not push it all the way through, however push it far enough so that the weight of the candy on the ball later will not cause it to fall off the dowel. You can also put some craft glue on the end of the dowel to ensure it stays in the Styrofoam ball.

  2. Mix the plaster of Paris according to package directions in the bowl. Pour the mixed wet plaster into the flower pot or cup you are using for your topiary. It should come almost to the top but not quite. Take the end of the wooden dowel that does not have the ball on it and push it into the wet plaster. Be sure it is straight and let the plaster dry.

  3. Place a piece of wrapped candy against the Styrofoam ball and pin it to the ball with a straight pin. If you prefer to use glue, place a small spot of glue on the ball in the desired place and push candy onto it. Hold in place a few minutes until it dries. Continue with each piece of candy until the ball is covered in the desired design. A popular method is to start placing the candy at one end and work your way down, but you can put the candy on in any way you like.

  4. Fill in any gaps on the dowel or in between the candy with curling ribbon. You can also fill in gaps between the candy with more candy or smaller candies if you are making a topiary tree with different kinds of treats.

  5. Fill the rest of the flower pot or cup with colored pebbles or Easter grass to cover the plaster of Paris. If you like, use acrylic paints to paint a design on your cup or flower pot as a finishing touch.

    Rose Topiary Ball Centerpiece

    Roses are always a favorite flower to use in centerpieces with their eye catching colors and enticing scent. When making floral topiary ball centerpieces, roses work well with their sturdy stems and long-lasting beauty. These centerpieces look lovely on wedding reception tables or for an anniversary party.

    Things You'll Need

    • Foam ball
    • Roses
    • Wooden dowel
    • Green floral tape
    • Urn shaped container
    • Floral foam
    • Spanish moss
    • Silk ribbon

    1.) Choose an urn-shaped container to hold the rose ball topiaries. The container should be approximately 10-12 inches in diameter. Fill with floral foam until it reaches to the rim of the container.
    2.) Wrap four wooden dowels with green floral tape to cover the dowels completely. The dowels should be varying heights ranging from 6-12 inches in length.
    3.) Choose four foam floral balls each approximately 4 inches in diameter. Soak each ball for about 5-10 minutes, then place on a dish drainer to let excess water run off. Insert one wooden dowel into the center of a foam ball and repeat for each ball.
     4.) Arrange the balls in the container by inserting a wooden dowel into the floral foam and placing the balls so that the tallest is in the back and shortest towards the front. If necessary rearrange the balls until you like the look.
    5.) Prepare the roses by cutting the stems to within 1 1/2 inches below the flower and cut the stem at an angle which allows the flower to soak up more water and help it last longer. Insert the roses into the foam balls until each ball is covered completely, placing the flowers as close together as possible so none of the ball shows in between the flowers.
    6.) Lay Spanish moss over the top of the floral foam in the container to conceal the foam completely. Tie 10-inch pieces of silk ribbon around each dowel directly under the ball, tying each ribbon into a bow. If necessary, place a little hot glue under the ribbon to attach to the dowel so it does not slide down

    More Topiaries

    Things You'll Need

    • Floral foam
    • Flowers
    • Craft moss
    • Stick
    • Clay flower pot
    • Floral clay

    Craft topiaries can be used as centerpieces for weddings, decorations for various holidays or to spruce up any home decor. The art form of topiary involves shaping living plants into various decorative shapes for the landscape, but for a lasting creation, use craft supplies such as foam and silk flowers. To create your own topiary craft, learn a few basic steps and then let your imagination lead you to design an original piece of art.

    STEP 1 - Choose a foam ball or cone as the base for your topiary. If using real flowers you will want floral foam which can be soaked first before inserting the flowers into it prolonging the life of your topiary. The size of the ball or cone you choose is dependent upon what you will be using the topiary for. If decorating dinner tables do not use anything too tall that will inhibit the guests from interacting with one another. Or, on the other hand, if you are decorating the entrance to your home or a reception hall, you will want something large enough to be in proportion to the area.

    STEP 2 - Pick out a clay flower pot to hold the topiary in. The pot should be in proportion to the size of the foam ball or cone. For instance, if you are using a four-inch foam ball you will want to use a four to six-inch diameter pot. Other containers can also be used, such as an urn-shaped container, an old tin, a teapot or a cup. Whatever container you choose, you will need to put floral clay inside of it to hold the topiary. Be sure the clay fits snugly inside the container so the topiary is well secured. Floral foam can be used in place of the clay for smaller arrangements.

    STEP 3 - Next pick out a stick to hold the foam ball or cone into the pot. If using a small cone you can simply use double sided tape to attach the cone to its container. You can also use a wooden dowel or large cinnamon sticks in place of the stick. The length will be determined by the size of the ball or cone and how tall you wish your topiary to be. Most commonly used is a 10- to 12-inch length stick or dowel for a 4- to 6-inch ball. Insert the stick into the clay in the container you have chosen and then center the ball or cone over the stick and gently push put it onto the stick.

    STEP 4 - Use any type of flower and/or greenery for your topiary. The flowers can be silk, dried or real and should match the color of the event or home you are decorating for. Real flowers will not last as long; so; if making it for a reception or party, do not put together your topiary more than 24 hours ahead of time and store in a refrigerator until ready to display. Cut the stems of silk or real flowers to approximately 2 inches below the base of the flower and for dried flowers cut the stems clear back to just below the flower. Insert the silk or real flowers into the foam ball or cone covering completely and for dried flowers you can hot glue them over the entire surface. Dried flowers will be more fragile and the stems can break if you try to push them into the foam, so it is best to glue dried flowers on.

    STEP 5 - Finally, you can add greenery around the flowers on the ball or cone if desired and place craft moss over the top of the container to conceal the clay. Tie a ribbon around the stick underneath the ball and tie into a bow. If using a cone you can leave the bottom 1/2 inch free of flowers and tie a ribbon around it.

    In Victorian England no party dress was complete without a garland of flowers (flower leis) encircling the shoulders and another one wrapped elegantly throughout a profusion of curls. Estates had large greenhouses for growing flowers to wear. The common folk treasured the flower-laden fields for their flower supplies for festivals and celebrations .A floral garland in Hawaii is called a lei. It is a symbol of affection.

    Basic Carnation Garland
    To honor a guest, give to a loved one, decorate for an event or make for yourself. You will need about 4 dozen carnation heads and a needle and thread.
    1. Cut the flower heads at the base of the calyx.

    2. Measure a double length of thread the size of the garland plus 10" for knotting. Thread your needle.

    3. Divide the flower heads in half. Insert the needle through the flower from the head to the stem. Use half the flowers.

    4. Insert the needle through the stem end up through the flower head using the remaining flowers.

    How to make flower garlands

    How to make floral garlands 

    5. Compress the flowers on the thread before tying the garland into a circle with four knots.

     An Elegant Garland

    1. You will need four dozen carnations or roses and five dozen marigolds to complete your garlands. The larger the flower, the less you will need; the smaller the flower, the more you will need. Collect a sturdy needle, heavy thread and some greenery, statice and baby’s breath (for added texture and color).

    2. Measure a double length of thread around your neck to determine the length of the garland. Add about 10" to the length for tying off the ends of the garland. Thread the needle.

       3.Cut the stems of the flowers to 1/2" long. Arrange them in the shape of the finished garland on a towel placed on a flat surface.

    Shaping the garland

    4. Thread the flowers two at a time, facing from side to side. Add bits of greenery and other floral material in-between the double flowers. Compress the flowers on the thread before tying them off

    Twine Base Garlan

    Dainty twine based garlands are perfect for wrapping around pillars or poles, hanging in swags on a table front or f
    raming a window or door. Heavier plant material requires a more rigid base. This is a great project for two people to do together.

    1. Cut the flowers and leaves into 3" pieces. Make a bundle of flowers and foliage. Secure it with spool wire. 
    2. Form a hanging loop at the end of the spool wire. Place the bundle of flowers on top of the twine and bind it with the spool wire. 
    3. Make another bundle, and place it over the stems of the previous bundle. 

    4. Continue making bundles of flowers and binding them to the twine until the garland is complete. Mist lightly (do not drench), cover with moistened paper towels and store in a cool place until ready to hang.

    Note: Home refrigerators are usually too cold for flowers and the air doesn’t circulate. But, if the weather is hot and you don’t leave the garland in the fridge for more than a few hours or so, it will stay fresh longer in the fridge than outside.

    Floral Foam Garland 

    The solution to a lasting garland is using a floral foam base. It is perfect for decorating topiary trees or making lazy circles down a buffet table 
    1. Soak Oasis floral foam before cutting in quarters.
    2. Wrap them in long sections of fine polyethylene sheeting(plastic). Tie each sausage-like section with twine running the twine down the length of the foam to the next section. The attached twine holds them together and gives added support to the base. 
    3. Insert the foliage throughout the length of the garland. Add the flowers. Use a toothpick to pierce the plastic before inserting the stems of the floral material. Note:Use lightweight floral wire to secure the garland to shrubbery. 

    A Lasting Floral Garland

    The solution to a lasting garland is using a floral foam base. It is perfect for decorating topiary trees or making lazy circles down a buffet table.

    1. Soak Oasis foam (water holding foam)  before cutting in quarters. The shorter pieces make for a more flexible garland.

    2. Wrap them in long sections of fine polyethylene sheeting, floral netting (plastic chicken wire) or chicken wire. Tie each sausage-like section with twine running the twine down the length of the foam to the next section. The attached twine holds them together and gives added support to the base.

    3. Insert the foliage throughout the length of the garland. Add the flowers. Use a toothpick to pierce the plastic before inserting the stems of the floral material.

    Note: Use lightweight floral wire to secure the garland to arch form or shrubbery.  The length of the garland will determine how many flower heads you will need. Use one kind of flower for a uniform size and shape.

    Experiment with different color flowers. See how they look in different groupings. Add pearls, colored beads or feathers in-between the flowers. If you are making a long garland to wrap around a pillar or hang on a table, thread all the flowers in the same direction.

    If you are making a garland to wear, A lei flower garland,
    .1. Pull the heads from several sprays of one kind and color of flower.
    2. Divide them in half.
    3. Thread a needle with as much thread as you will need for the length of your garland. Use a double thread
    .How to thread a flower garland
    4. Thread the first half of the flowers from the top through the "stem". Thread the second half of the flowers from the "stem" through the top. The flowers will meet in the middle. 

    The Flexible Garland
    Symbolizing romance, the elegant, versatile garland has become readily available since the advent of artificial flowers.
    They can be made quickly, stored easily and arranged in a variety of places

    How to make a garland1. Create the base by encasing an evergreen garland in Spanish moss. For longer garlands, secure two or three garlands together. Secure the moss with fishing line

     How to tie a garland together 2. Wrap ivy garlands around the moss-covered base. Use fishing line or small pieces of floral wire to secure the ivy. Cut stems from sprays or bushes of ivy and wrap the ends of the stems around the stems of the garland

    3. Secure hydrangeas, roses, lilac, berries, whatever you like, and using hot glue. Cut the stems from 3" to 5" long.

    4. Fill in bare areas with filler flowers like honeysuckle, forget-me-nots or baby’s breath. Insert twigs and vines for texture.

    If you want to add lights use floral tape to attach lights to your garlands. Use natural honeysuckle or grapevine garlands to make your floral garlands sturdier for hanging.

    Instructions for Holiday Gifts and Decorating


    8 medium-sized thin-skinned Oranges
    6 cups Cloves - Whole..........................19-1/4 oz
    4 cups Orris Root Powder... .......................16 oz
    2 cups Cinnamon Powder (See Spice Section)..........8 oz
    1-1/2 cups Allspice Powder (See Spice Section)......6 oz
    1 cup Nutmeg Ground (See Spice Section).........3-1/4 oz
      Oil: Orange 'N Clove (Optional)
    TO MAKE: Roll orange in hands to warm orange skin so cloves will penetrate better. Insert cloves by hand or use a darning needle first to poke holes in the orange. Leave about 1/8" space between cloves as the orange will shrink to almost half its original size as it dries. Add oil to clove-studded orange at this point (optional). Blend all powders and roll cloved oranges in it to fill small spaces between cloves. Put rolled pomanders in small cardboard box lined with tissue paper. Pour remaining powder over the pomanders, covering bottom of box. Cover box and store in warm (not hot) dry place 3 to 4 weeks. Avoid humidity and extreme warmth. When dried thoroughly, shake off excess powder, tie festive ribbons around pomander with bow and loop at top for hanging. Powder can be saved and used again.
    Note: Designs may be made with cloves, but traditional pomanders are completely covered with cloves.


    *   300 each   ROSEBUDS (PINK BOUTONS)..............6 oz
    Other Materials: 3" foam ball & white glue Cover top half of foam ball with white glue. Leave no open space. When surface is sticky to touch, press stem of each Rose into foam. Cover entire top half of ball, turn upside down and repeat process on bottom half. Spray with fixative or hairspray.
    Oil: Rose Garden
    To use glue gun: Cover foam ball with Spaghnum Moss by rolling ball in white glue and pressing Moss over entire ball. Let it dry overnight. Moss will prevent hot glue from melting foam surface.


    *  8 each   ANISE (STAR) WHOLE.........................2 oz
    * 30 each   BAY LEAVES WHOLE...........................4 oz
    *  3 cups   CEDAR TIPS (GREEN).........................4 oz
       7 each   CINNAMON STICKS - 10"......................4 oz
       100 pcs  COCKSCOMB (20 one-inch Clusters)...........4 oz
    or 100 pcs  VELVET FLOWERS RED (20 one-inch Clusters)..2 oz
      20 each   JUNIPER BERRIES (RED)....................1/2 oz
       7 each   NUTMEGS WHOLE..............................2 oz
      12 each   PINECONES (ENGELMANN SPRUCE)...............2 oz
      20 each   ROSEHIPS WHOLE.............................1 oz
       9 cups   ROSE LEAVES................................4 oz
      20 each   YARROW SPRIGS - WHOLE......................2 oz
    Other Materials: Four 1" square foam pieces, 4" foam ball, Plaster of Paris and 4" Terra Cotta pot to match color of Cinnamon Stick "trunk". Drop 4 pieces of foam in pot to prevent from cracking. Make approximately 1 cup Plaster of Paris and add to pot. Set Cinnamon Sticks into plaster for tree trunk. Let plaster dry 1 hour. Press 4" foam ball down on Cinnamon Stick "trunk" so that top of ball is 15" from bottom of pot. Cover ball with Rose Leaves, insert Bay Leaves and set Sprigs of Cedar between leaves. Add the Clusters of Cockscomb or Velvet Flowers. Fill in with rest of items and finish with clusters of Yarrow. At base of trunk, glue Rose Leaves, Bay leaves and Cedar...leaning to trunk. Spray with hairspray or artists' workable fixative.


    *  6 cups CEDAR TIPS (GREEN).........................8 oz
      14 each PINECONES (ENGLELMANN SPRUCE)..............2 oz
      36 each YARROW SPRIGS (12 big Clusters)............4 oz
    All other ingredients are same as for Country Christmas Centerpiece (above). See instructions for Victorian Christmas Swag, adding Bay Leaves after Cedar Tips. Add Spruce Cones with smallest ones at top.


    *  15 each   BAY LEAVES WHOLE...........................2 oz
    *   3 cups   CEDAR TIPS (GREEN).........................4 oz
       10 each   CINNAMON STICKS - 18".....................12 oz
       60 each   COCKSCOMB (12 one-inch Clusters)...........2 oz
    or 120 pcs   VELVET FLOWERS RED (12 one-inch Clusters)..1 oz
    *  36 pcs    OAK MOSS WHL (12 SMALL Clusters)...........2 oz
       15 each   PINECONES (HEMLOCK)......................1/4 oz
       25 each   PINECONES (ENGELMANN SPRUCE)...............4 oz
       15 each   ROSEHIPS WHOLE...........................1/2 oz
       24 each   YARROW SPRIGS (8 LARGE Clusters)...........3 oz
    Bind Cinnamon Sticks at center with floral wire or thick rubberband. Press 6 to 8 Cedar Sprigs into Hot Glue and add Cedar Bunches to center of bundle radiating outward. Insert Bay Leaves into Cedar, also radiating from center. Leave about 3 inches of Cinnamon Sticks exposed at each end. Arrange larger Spruce Cones around center and medium to small ones toward edges of Cedar. Fill in with remaining items. Spray with Fixative or Hairspray.


    *  10 each   ANISE (STAR) WHOLE..........................2 oz
    * 100 each   BAY LEAVES WHOLE...........................12 oz
    *  12 cups   CEDAR TIPS (GREEN).........................16 oz
       75 pcs    COCKSCOMB (15 one-inch Clusters)............3 oz
    or 150 pcs   VELVET FLOWERS RED (15 one-inch Clusters)...1 oz
       35 each   JUNIPER BERRIES (RED).......................1 oz
       15 each   NUTMEGS WHOLE...............................3 oz
    *  40 pcs    OAK MOSS WHOLE (10 one-inch Clusters).......2 oz
       20 each   PINECONES (HEMLOCK).......................1/2 oz
       20 each   PINECONES (ENGELMANN SPRUCE)................3 oz
       35 each   ROSEHIPS WHOLE..........................1-1/2 oz
       60 each   YARROW SPRIGS (20 Big Clusters).............6 oz
    Cover 12" base with small bunches of Cedar by setting 6 to 8 sprigs in hot glue. Layer bunches in a clockwise direction until covered with rich shag of green Cedar. At outer edge, glue in several layers of Bay Leaves radiating outward. Set Spruce Cones in Cedar pointing in the same direction as Cedar. Fill in with remaining items and finish with Yarrow Clusters on the inner and outer edges. Spray with Fixative or Hairspray.


    * 10 each   ANISE (STAR) WHOLE......................2 oz
      10 each   CASURINA PODS (GOLD)....................2 oz
       6 each   CEDAR ROSES (GOLD)..................1-1/2 oz
    * 12 cups   CEDAR TIPS (GREEN).....................16 oz
      16 each   CINNAMON STICKS - 1"....................2 oz
       8 each   CURLY PODS (GOLD).....................1/2 oz
      15 each   PINECONES - BIRCH (GOLD)................1 oz
      20 each   PINECONES - (HEMLOCK).................1/2 oz
      30 each   ROSEHIPS WHOLE..........................1 oz
      48 each   YARROW SPRIGS...............(16 Big Clusters)  
    Cover 10" base with Cedar by setting 6 to 8 Sprigs in hot glue. Layer bunches clockwise around the wreath until covered with lush shag of Cedar. Add Gold items symmetrically around wreath; fill in remaining items; spray with fixative or hairspray.


    6 each   CEDAR ROSES (GOLD)................1-1/2 oz
    *   4 cups   CEDAR TIPS (GREEN)....................4 oz
    All other ingredients are same as for Victorian Christmas Swag (see above). Follow instructions for Country Christmas Centerpiece except no Bay Leaves! Add gold items with the largest at center and medium to small toward ends. Fill in remaining items; spray with fixative.


    *   8 each   ANISE (STAR) WHOLE.................2 oz
       10 each   CASURINA PODS (GOLD)...............2 oz
       10 each   CEDAR ROSES (GOLD).................2 oz
    *   6 cups   CEDAR TIPS (GREEN).................8 oz
       10 each   CINNAMON STICKS - 1"...............1 oz
       10 each   CINNAMON STICKS - 18".............12 oz
        7 each   CURLY PODS (GOLD)................1/2 oz
        8 each   PINECONES - BIRCH (GOLD).........1/2 oz
       12 each   PINECONES - (HEMLOCK)............1/2 oz
       25 each   ROSEHIPS WHOLE.....................1 oz
       30 each   YARROW SPRIGS (10 Big Clusters)
    Bind 18" Cinnamon Sticks with floral wire or thick rubberband about 3" from top, fanning out as in picture. Layer with bundles of 6 to 8 Cedar Tips set in hot glue, creating a lush green base in shape like Christmas tree with 3" of Cinnamon Stick exposed at each end. Add gold items with smallest at top and largest at bottom. Fill in with balance of small items,accent with Yarrow Clusters tucked into Cedar. Spray with fixative or hairspray. Add a festive bow with streamers to top of swag.


    30 each   GLOBE AMARANTH (PURPLE)..............1/2 oz
    310 each   ROSEBUDS (PINK BOUTONS)............... 8 oz
    7 cups   ROSE LEAVES WHOLE..................... 3 oz
    Cover 12" Base (Foam, Straw or Heavy Cardboard 1-1/2" wide) by pressing handfuls of Rose Leaves into hot glue applied generously to both sides of base. Add Boutons to center of base by pressing 5 to 8 buds at a time into hot glue. Finish edges with larger Rosebuds and Globe Amaranth. Spray with fixative or hairspray. Oil: Rose Garden
    * Ounces are increased to allow for selection of WHOLE Flowers, Spices, Pods and Sprigs.

    Crafting Tips:

    GLUE GUN is an absolute necessity along with a good supply of glue to create these projects.
    WREATH BASE is Moss, Straw or Foam unless otherwise indicated in instructions.
    TO MAKE CLUSTERS of Cedar Tips, Cockscomb, Oak Moss, Velvet Flowers and Yarrow...assemble 3 to 10 pieces in hand first and then set into Hot Glue on Wreath, Swag, etc. Hold in place for 20 to 30 seconds.
    MAKE PATTERN with all ingredients before you start gluing to get range on spacing.
    SPRAY FINISHED PROJECT with commercial Fixative or Hairspray to seal & protect from moisture. This also helps make brittle items like Cedar Tips and Yarrow more durable.
    ADD FESTIVE BOWS to Wreaths, Swags & Pomanders.
    FRAGRANCE and ESSENTIAL OILS may be added sparingly to these projects but avoid getting on Roses; Oil will bleach petals. We suggest the following Oils: Country Christmas Motif - Bayberry, Christmas or Evergreen Oil.
    Neptune Incense

    1/2 tsp. myrrh gum
    1 1/2 tsp. copal resin
    1 tbsp sandalwood chips
    1 tsp. dried Irish moss
    3 drops oak moss oil

    Lay incense coals on a bed of sea salt. When the coals are hot, toss on the Neptune mixture.

    Dallas Potpourri

    8 Oz. dried yellow rose petals
    4 Oz. dried red rose petals
    2 Oz. dried jasmine
    2 Oz. dried heliotrope blossoms
    1 tsp cloves
    2 Oz. dried gardenia petals
    2 tbsps. salt
    1 Oz. powdered balsam tolu

    Potpourri #1

    3 dozen peppercorns
    3 drops ginger oil
    6 drops nutmeg oil
    Scant 1/4 c. dried orange peel
    1 tsp. dried rosemary

    Potpourri #2

    1 tbsp. solid myrrh gum
    1/4 c. dried sage
    3 drops lemon oil
    2 tbsps. fresh lavender
    1 drop fresh lavender
    1 drop eucalyptus oil
    1 drop frankincense

    Potpourri #3

    3 drops ylang ylang oil
    6 bruised vanilla beans
    1/4 c. dried or fresh rose petals
    4 drops rose oil
    6 drops vanilla extract

    Potpourri #4

    2 dozen cloves
    3 drops cinnamon oil
    3 bruised cinnamon sticks
    4 sprigs fresh rosemary
    Small handful fresh pine needles
    Scented Oranges And Apples

    Scent your home for the holidays with festive oranges
    and apples. Simply push cloves into the fruits in heart,
    star, and stripped designs. Then place fruits in bowls
    and use as accents or center pieces.

    Seasonal Potpourri
    1 tsp orris root granules
    4 drops oil of cloves
    1 c. rose petals
    1/3 c. lavender
    2 tsps mixed spice
    1/2 c. star anise
    1/4 c. bay leaves
    cinnamon sticks
    cedar roses
    dried straw daisies

    Combine orris root with clove oil, leave until oil is
    absorbed. In a bowl, combine rose petals, lavender,
    spice, star anise and bay leaves with oil and orris
    root, gently mixing with your hands. Add remaing
    ingredients and decorate with a few dried daisies.

    Tropical Mix Potpourri

    3 oz. dried banana cut into small pieces
    2 oz. shredded coconut
    2 oz. dried pineapple (chopped)
    2 oz. papaya (dried and chopped)
    2 tbsps salt
    1 tbsp. benzoin powder
    1 oz. balsam Peru


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